How to Protect Your Carpet This Winter

Summer is starting to feel like a distant memory. Fall? We hardly knew you. That’s right. Winter is on its way and that means short days, cold weather, snow, slush and ice outdoors!!!

Snow, slush, ice salt and ice are bad enough outside, but even worse if any of it gets into your home. More than anything, this winter, you will want to make sure that you prevent ice, water, snow and slush from getting on your carpet.


Slush and water can permanently damage carpet if the dirt or water penetrates deep into the carpet fibers. You can prevent damage to your carpet this winter with some easy tips.


Doormats are important all year round, but especially so during the winter. Doormats should be placed in front of every entryway in your home, including the door from your garage into your home.

Doormats prevent 60% of outdoor contaminants from entering your home. Most doormats are made with a rough surface perfect for scraping your boots and shoes onto to remove any snow or slush.

If possible, provide a space near your doormats for friends and family to remove their boots, shoes and winter accessories – the further away from the carpet, the better.

If ice salt finds its way onto your carpet, follow these spot removal tips for excellent results.



Come snow or cold, your dog will still need to go outside throughout the day to do its “business”. That means wet, dirty paws and fur.

Be sure to keep a clean, dry towel or cloth right next to the entryway your dog goes in and out of and wipe their paws and fur off every time. If your dog has a lot of hair, you might even want to keep a blow dryer nearby or keep the dog on your tile or hardwood surfaces until they’re completely dry.

Ice Dams

Ice dams form at the edge of your roof after long periods of snow or rain in freezing conditions. Ice dams prevent water and snow from melting and draining off your roof and instead sit on the roof.

If the snow and water sit on your roof too long, the possibility of leaks occur that could damage your roof, your walls and potentially your carpet and flooring.

You can prevent ice dams by using a snow rake on your roof after it snows. Also be sure that your gutter spouts are not blocked. If you install more insulation in your attic, that will also help to prevent leaks and damage to your roof that could lead to damaging your floor.


Christmas Tree Sap

Christmas trees are a beautiful addition to your home during the holidays, but they can also be a mess.

Be sure to regularly vacuum any pine needles that fall from the tree and that you wash your hands after touching it to prevent tree sap from spreading around your home or onto your floor.

If Christmas tree sap gets on your carpet, follow these helpful tips for removing tree sap.

If you are unable to remove the stain yourself, we recommend Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane and their drier, cleaner and healthier carpet cleaning service.

We have experience removing countless carpet stains and they’re process uses 90% less water than steam cleaners.



Carpet is one of the most important ornaments to beautify the interiors of our house or office. But to keep it beautiful and elegant we have to keep it clean and fluffy. In our busy life, we random get ample time to maintain ourselves. So the task of carpet cleaning is a matter of daunting. But if we implement and execute this cleaning process in a routine way then it can be very easy.


The preliminary preparations for a carpet cleaning session are:

  1. Fix a day when you are free from your daily chores and there will be no or low traffic at home, 
  2. Contact and hire some professional carpet cleaning agency of your area and book them for the day whenever you are free, 
  3. Inform your family members about the plan made by you.


On the day of the carpet cleaning, carry-on the following activities before the cleaning team arrives:

  1. Replace small articles with toys, magazines, books, beanbags etc. to another place which does not require much cleaning at first, 
  2. Remove fragile and delicate articles like vases, showpieces or glass and ceramic accessories from the room which requires cleaning. 
  3. Transfer your pets to some other place, maybe to the dog-house or the garage or garden, 
  4. Cover the vents and registers of your air duct as they may suck in the extra dust while carpet cleaning is in process, 
  5. Thoroughly inspect the surface of the carpet to find marks and stains and wear and tear. This will help you guide the team for an effective carpet maintenance regime, 
  6. Cover the heavy furniture and upholstery of the room with covers and protectors, 
  7. Use your vacuum cleaner to suck in loose dirt and dust off your carpet surface.


Once the carpet cleaning team arrives, ensure the following things:

  1. Check whether the team is having enough prior experience and will be able to do the job professionally or not, 
  2. Check whether the cleaners and sprays they are using will be friendly for the fabric of your carpet or not, 
  3. Check whether the vacuum cleaner they are using is clean and efficient or not, 
  4. Verify in a round of small briefing as to how they will be going to do the job.


After the completing the cleaning process when the team leaves, carry out the following activities:

  1. Check whether the carpet is dry or is still having moisture over its surface. In case it is not dry then switch on a speed fan for quick drying. 
  2. Open all the doors and windows of the room with curtains on, 
  3. Keep the room out of the reach of kids and pets to ensure proper and effective drying.


Apart from the above process, regular maintenance schedule is important which is as follows:

  1. Vacuum the carpet surface every alternate day, 
  2. Avoid droppings and spilling on the carpet, 
  3. Use fabric friendly cleaners and sprays to disinfect and sanitize your carpet, 
  4. Avoid too much drags of furniture to prevent wear and tear of your carpet, 
  5. Use carpet refreshers frequently to make it smell good.


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